We Keep Your Information Safe

Your financial information is nobody else's business.
CountAbout™ uses modern encryption and account safeguards to protect your contact and financial data.


CountAbout is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information about our users. Even though we only store your email address (encrypted), we use secure communications (https) with our users, we employ defense-in-depth to secure


Your CountAbout data are just that — yours. You can export your information anytime, with a single click. And your personal information and financial data are not for sale — we won't sell your information to advertisers or anyone else. We promise. Read our full Corporate Policy here.

Key Considerations

  • CountAbout uses a widely respected third-party service, MX®, to connect subscribers to their financial institutions.
  • We DO NOT store usernames, passwords, account numbers, phone numbers or addresses associated with users' financial institutions.
  • The contact info CountAbout retains to identify you as "you" is your email address, which is encrypted.
  • You may only connect to CountAbout over https (secure), not http (big no-no).
  • We support a 2-step authentication (and strongly encourage it) for logging into your CountAbout account.
  • CountAbout is read-only, i.e. you CANNOT pay bills or move money at your banks using CountAbout.
  • Backups - CountAbout does them constantly. When's the last time you backed up your data?

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