Filling the Gap

Founded in 2012 by a financial management professional and previous Quicken user, CountAbout™ was designed as a functional, and easy-to-use personal finance application without annoying advertisements, and with the ability to create running balances, and custom categorization.  As one of the few applications that imports data from Quicken and Mint, CountAbout automatically syncs data from banking, credit card and retirement accounts and is accessible from anywhere.

Key Features

  • CountAbout is the only cloud-based personal finance software that seamlessly imports data from Quicken and Mint.
  • Offers running register balances
  • Offers standard and custom categorization
  • Clutter-free interface with no advertisements

Our Story

Several years ago we were looking for online personal finance software that was richly functional, easy to use, and private. What was the result of that search? Absolutely nothing! Further conversations convinced us that we weren’t alone in looking for those missing ingredients. Because nothing existed to meet those needs, we did the next best thing — we created our own product, and we called it CountAbout.

Many online personal finance websites exist today, but key features are missing. For one thing, none of them can import Quicken® data. None offer complete privacy with no advertising. Few offer running register balances. And we realized that consumers are quickly becoming more confident in Cloud applications that free the user from being tethered to a desktop computer. We wanted to provide a product that users could access from home, at the airport, on the beach … wherever they have Internet access.

We wanted to provide a product that would offer standard categories for income and expenses, but also allow users to add a category, or delete built-in categories that aren’t needed. We wanted a clutter-free interface, with tips for those who need them to get started, and responsive customer support.

We don’t provide financial advice on CountAbout, but we believe it will provide the timely information you and your financial advisor need to make sound decisions.

We have other ideas that we plan to incorporate in the future, and if you have ideas we’d like to hear them.


Joseph Carpenter


Joe has been a registered CPA since 1994. He has worked for a non-profit environmental organization, a magazine publisher, a wholesale distributor, a telecommunications company, and a property management company. He has helped many individuals and small companies reach financial decisions about issues such as vehicle and home purchase, refinancing, retirement and college savings, taxes and personal finance software, and he knows that making knowledgeable choices about such issues impacts long-term financial health.

He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned an MBA from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. He and his wife, a journalist, have two daughters and a busy life filled with bicyling, cross-country skiing, music, and home improvement projects.

Alex Wong


Alex is an independent software consultant with more than 15 years experience. He has helped companies of all sizes, from nascent startups to Fortune 500 corporations, successfully deliver on software projects by providing expertise in development, architecture and management. He has built solutions in everything from large-scale distributed systems to rich internet frontends for clients such as Sun Microsystems, Chiron Corporation, BrightRoll and MaestroConference.

Alex is a graduate of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He and his wife are currently involved in the renovation of a new home. In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing saxophone and guitar, and dabbles in photography.

Jason Hajdik

Vice President - Apps

Jason has worked as a software engineer for the past 15 years in a wide-range of environments, including his own consulting company, several start-ups, and a publicly-traded tech company. After getting his start in web applications and enterprise systems integrations, for the last five years he has worked exclusively in the mobile space developing apps for iOS and Android.

Jason earned his B.S. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. When not spending time with his wife and daughter, he is an avid cook, beer aficionado, and poker player.

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