Customizable, secure, and simple personal finance software.


Customizable, secure, and simple personal finance software.

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See how small changes today can make a big difference

With CountAbout’s powerful budgeting tools you can see how making a small change today (like giving up a latte) can help you pay off debt faster or reach your savings goals sooner.

Identify leaks in your spending plan

CountAbout automatically downloads transactions from all of your banks, credit cards, and investment accounts for you to review, making it easy for you to find subscriptions you no longer use or other unintentional spending.

Be in control of your finances

With CountAbout you can create as many categories as you want and can even split transactions between two different categories. You can also rest secure knowing that you are in control of your personal data. CountAbout will never sell or mine your personal data.

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I’ve been trying to ditch Quicken for years, finally a worthy replacement, but it’s so much more, so clean and intuitively designed.

Keith H.
Premium Customer