Can CountAbout link to my bank?

CountAbout Premium subscribers can automatically have their transactions downloaded from participating financial institutions. We currently support thousands of financial institutions. If your bank isn't listed, and it's not a foreign bank, ask us to add it!

How do you keep critical information such as my banking passwords secure?

CountAbout uses a widely respected third-party service, MX®, to connect our subscribers with their financial institutions. We DO NOT store usernames, passwords, account numbers, phone numbers or addresses associated with our users' financial institutions.

MX is one of the fastest growing fintech providers, partnering with more than 1,000 financial institutions and 35 digital banking providers.

What if I decide to quit using CountAbout? Is my financial information stuck there?

No. You can export your data to a .csv file anytime, with a single click. This is the kind of file you could open in a spreadsheet program.

Do you have a users manual?

Yes, you can download the complete guide here

Will you sell my data?

Absolutely not. We won't mine, analyze, sell, barter, or give away your data to anyone.

Why does CountAbout charge for Premium service?

We have chosen a subscription-based business model in order to ensure that our users' financial and personal information can be kept private. Advertising-supported websites require that users give up a degree of privacy in exchange for "free" service. Our subscribers' data are not for sale.

How can I phone a human at CountAbout?

You can't. For security reasons, you must initiate support services via email. We promise to respond swiftly and can communicate by phone after initial contact if necessary.

Will you be adding more features?

Yes! We will continue to improve CountAbout based partly on feature requests.

What features are missing in CountAbout vs. Quicken?

Here is a list of some features in Quicken that CountAbout does not have because of security reasons, obsolescence or other reasons:

  • Check printing
  • Individual investment tracking
  • Offline access (since we are a web-based system)

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