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The best app if you’re ready to make the switch from Quicken or Mint — CountAbout.

Credit Sesame

I love CountAbout! I have hated Quicken for years, but didn’t have an alternative. Now I do! I love that the cost is only $9.99 per year for the basic service (which is all I need). You can upgrade for more features, if you need them. But for personal use, the basic plan is just fine. When I found CountAbout, I gleefully gave Quicken the boot and I haven’t looked back or missed it at all. Bye bye Quicken!!!


…you won’t be bombarded with ads when you log in. Mint, for example, uses targeted ads to help keep the platform free. All in all, CountAbout could be a good choice for Quicken and Mint users who want to start fresh with their finances without losing their past transaction history.

My Bank Tracker

I’m a one-person real estate brokerage and having accurate financial records and being able to easily search transactions and generate reports is crucial. I’d been using Quicken for Mac for 10+ years and wanted to migrate to using a Chromebook instead of a Mac, to do that I had to find a replacement for Quicken.

The replacement had to be online; available from my phone, tablet, etc., and no software installations almost every year. I immediately dismissed any ‘free’ financial software (Mint, etc.) – I believe that you get what you pay for and there is no such thing as ‘free.’

I settled on Tiller and CountAbout and subscribed to both; I quickly decided that a spreadsheet is not what I wanted. I wanted something that worked a lot like Quicken and CountAbout fit the bill. It took me awhile to fully embrace it but once I did I’ve been very happy and would not go back to Quicken even if they offered a fully online version. The few times I’ve had a question about using CountAbout I’ve always gotten a response by the end of the day – and often in an hour or less. If feels like I’m working with a small enterprise that’s interested in putting out a superior application, improving it and solving issues and responding to questions. I’m very satisfied!

Richard Luna

Great product and great customer service. Thanks!

Jeffrey Wilk

I switched from pencil and paper on grid accounting paper, then to a Google spreadsheet, then to CountAbout. Really happy with how this app makes it easy to track how I doing, staying (or not) on budget.

Barbara Ann Feeney

Fantastic! I finally found a great replacement for Quicken! CountAbout is entirely cloud-based, so you can access it from whatever OS you happen to be using. And the mobile app isn’t hamstrung like Quicken’s. No looking back for me, this is a great app and a great service!

Nate E.

I have been using Countabout Basic for a few months now and love the program. It is far and away better than any other personal finance program I have used. I would recommend Countabout to anyone. Give it a try. The web interface is easy to use on my Chromebook and on my Android phone and tablet. When I have had a query, the company has written back almost instantaneously. Great service!

Colin R. Vine

CountAbout aims to fill in some of Mint’s shortcomings. For instance, it offers a running register, which Mint does not.

Saundra Latham, Simple Dollar

I have been using Countabout for over 2 years. I got sick of quicken continuing to “improve” itself with crap I did not want, even if they did not increase their costs constantly. Countabout has done everything that I need. I have 20+ accounts linked and all is great!

Wayne Everett

Vastly superior to the execrable Quicken, which caused me to have to choose a new bank password every time I used it. CA is fast, simple, and all you need unless you have a complicated investment portfolio. Its almost fun!

Jim Powell

If you’re looking for personal finance software you can use to set up and track a simple budget, CountAbout is a good choice.

Top Ten REVIEWS Recommends CountAbout

My search for a cloud-based alternative to Quicken is over! Very easy to transfer my Quicken data and customize my account. Thank you CountAbout!

Steve P.

CountAbout is as easy to use on my mobile as it is on the desktop and it provides me with the same or better information than Quicken.

David M.

I started using Quicken in 1987, before I had my own PC. I continued using it for years, frustrated by the frequent breaks in the synchronization. Finally I took the leap and used Mint for a year or two. Free software is worth as much as I pay for. Finally, in 2019 I found Countabout. The synchronization is great and I am happy to have a product that’s easy to use and reliable. The customer support is excellent and very responsive to my questions.

There aren’t as many bells and whistles as Quicken but the simplicity outweighs the complications.

Amanda Sherlock

I love the software – nice and clean – the categories was a must have that your competitors are lacking.

Mark Goldfarb

…CountAbout is like Quicken, without the glitches.

The Cap Times

Countabout’s concept is awesome. I track checking and credit cards by transactions, and investments by total only. The reason for four stars is that periodically the investment accounts refuse to update the correct amount. Then, I have to unlink the account, delete the account then set up the account a second, third or fourth time. Often times, when trying to link a new account, CA logs me out. If you have patience, CA is a hundred times better than Quicken, but not yet perfect. Still trying to set up a credit card account after 6 attempts. At some point, it will click.


One huge advantage of CountAbout is you can import categories and transactions from your Quicken or accounts — so you can pick up with CountAbout where you left off with these programs.


This is an incredibly well thought out program. It imports QIF files perfectly. I tried a number that failed miserably. It has a function that emails reminders about scheduled transactions. That is an extremely useful function that I hadn’t seen anywhere. Tech support is second to none. All my questions were answered in detail within hours (sometimes minutes). The companion phone app is very simple. You can browse, search, enter transactions and see scheduled transaction. That’s really all you need on the phone.

It’s one failing for me is that I have a transaction that I have a transaction that occurs on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and it’s not possible to set that up. It’s easy enough for me to change the date of next transaction when I enter the current one.

I am extremely impressed with the company. The trial is free for 15 days. You have nothing to lose.

Dana Linder

A Top 6 personal finance software by AdvisoryHQ!


I rarely tweet endorsements, but — after years of using/hating Quicken, Countabout is awesome for tracking home budget/finances. Thx!


I was looking for finance software to use as treasurer of the parent-teacher association at my child’s school. CountAbout was perfect – it had all the register features and download capabilities that I was familiar with from desktop Quicken, but it has the advantage of being in the cloud so I can use it from any computer.

Shirley Hou

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