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Debra Mignola

Another happy former Quicken user!
I started using Quicken in 1989... yep, with a green screen. I would consider myself a power user, with dozens of linked accounts and extensive customized reports. I even built an app that took exported data from Quicken, and via an extensive VB wizard, automatically generated specialized reports for people going through a divorce, and I built a business around it. We also helped our clients by setting their personal finances up in Quicken and training them how to maintain their records.
Besides constant problems with bank syncing and an inability to archive my old data, my biggest issue with Quicken is that it is a desktop application. I desperately hate bookkeeping and had attempted to get a Virtual Assistant in India to do it for me a few years ago. But sending huge Quicken data files back and forth, not able to use it while they were working on it, proved to be ineffective and the effort failed.
I had successfully converted my business books from on premise Quickbooks to online Xero because of similar frustrations with my former brick & mortar bookkeepers. I could not access my business records and it was a huge deal for my CPA firm to update and deliver reports when requested. It was a painful transition but with WONDERFUL results. My remote bookkeepers maintain my Xero business records for a small monthly fee. They are always up-to-date and I can go in and see what's going on whenever I want. I wanted the same for my personal books.
So I evaluated the features of 25 personal bookkeeping solutions. I didn't find CountAbout in the first round (how can we get the word out about CountAbout?) and started a Mint.com implementation. But Mint has such limited reporting, with no ability to export my data so I can create needed reports, that I had to abort the implementation after a lot of wasted time and effort.
Enter CountAbout. The migration from my Quicken data was not easy. Yes they do import, but there is no way to match Categories, and no way to bulk update a group of transactions, so each transaction had to be categorized individually. Ugh... tons of hours from myself and my VA in India. I wish I had imported less data. I hope they figure out how to allow Quicken and Mint users to match categories between their historical data and CountAbout Categories so that the migration is much faster and easier.
Now that we have completed the migration I absolutely LOVE CountAbout. I am able to have my Virtual Assistant in India maintain my books while I can access it any time I want. There are a few features I wish for, but overall my bookkeeping is so much more streamlined that I may not need my VA anymore.

Steve P.

My search for a cloud-based alternative to Quicken is over! Very easy to transfer my Quicken data and customize my account. Thank you CountAbout!

Shirley Hou
CountAbout was Perfect

I was looking for finance software to use as treasurer of the parent-teacher association at my child's school. CountAbout was perfect - it had all the register features and download capabilities that I was familiar with from desktop Quicken, but it has the advantage of being in the cloud so I can use it from any computer.

Widgets to Compare Monthly Spending in Active Categories

Huzzah! I can add widgets now and already made one to compare my monthly spending in my active categories to my budget. Excellent. That tool is one of my favorite features in a personal finance product.

Unlimited categories and flexibility

One huge advantage of CountAbout is you can import categories and transactions from your Quicken or Mint.com accounts — so you can pick up with CountAbout where you left off with these programs.

Listed as Top 6 Best Financial Application by AdvisoryHQ

We're pleased to be listed as a Top 6 personal finance software by AdvisoryHQ!

Mark Goldfarb

I love the software – nice and clean – the categories was a must have that your competitors are lacking.

Top Ten REVIEWS Recommends CountAbout

If you're looking for personal finance software you can use to set up and track a simple budget, CountAbout is a good choice.

My Bank Tracker

...you won’t be bombarded with ads when you log in. Mint, for example, uses targeted ads to help keep the platform free. All in all, CountAbout could be a good choice for Quicken and Mint users who want to start fresh with their finances without losing their past transaction history.


I rarely tweet endorsements, but -- after years of using/hating Quicken, Countabout is awesome for tracking home budget/finances. Thx!

Credit Sesame

The best app if you’re ready to make the switch from Quicken or Mint -- CountAbout.

David M.

CountAbout is as easy to use on my mobile as it is on the desktop and it provides me with the same or better information than Quicken.

Saundra Latham Reviews CountAbout

CountAbout aims to fill in some of Mint’s shortcomings. For instance, it offers a running register, which Mint does not.

Barbara Ann Feeney

I switched from pencil and paper on grid accounting paper, then to a Google spreadsheet, then to CountAbout. Really happy with how this app makes it easy to track how I doing, staying (or not) on budget.

The Cap Times

...CountAbout is like Quicken, without the glitches.

Nate E.

Fantastic! I finally found a great replacement for Quicken! CountAbout is entirely cloud-based, so you can access it from whatever OS you happen to be using. And the mobile app isn't hamstrung like Quicken's. No looking back for me, this is a great app and a great service!