How to Build A Bank Account Firewall


Wallet Hacks, Oct 16, 2017

Years ago, if you wanted to send money to someone online, you used Paypal.

Years ago, if you wanted to hack a system to steal money online, you tried to hack Paypal.

Nowadays, you have a lot of payment processors, a lot of money transfer systems, but the attacks and the phishing never stops.

I’m pretty savvy when it comes to phishing emails, those emails that trick you into logging into a fake site, but I try to set up systems as a backup to my own vigilance. No one is 100%.

So today, I want to share a very simple concept you can implement and it’s called a firewall bank account.

What is a Firewall Bank Account?

In IT, a firewall is a system that monitors incoming network traffic for nefarious activity. A firewall in construction is literally a wall that inhibits or prevents the spread of a fire.

In our case, a firewall prevents the spread of a financial breach.

A firewall bank account is an account that sits between your primary bank account and any potentially insecure accounts.

Take a look at my financial map:

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