CountAbout Reviewed by Consumerism Commentary


March 4, 2021

CountAbout was recently reviewed by Consumerism Commentary. Here is what they had to say about our product:

1. Easy Import

Many people have used Quicken and/or Mint in the past to track their spending and create budgets. If you have, you don’t have to start over because CountAbout will import that data with ease. Once you log in, there are options to have it done automatically for you. In addition to importing from Quicken and Mint, you can easily import transactions, both from the past and in real-time, from over 12,000 financial institutions. Gone are the days of manually inputting and tracking every purchase you make.

2. Robust Reporting

If you’re a data nut, you’ll love the reporting features that CountAbout offers. You can run reports on pretty much anything within the platform, including account balances, category activity, and tag activity. Depending on how creative you get when setting up categories and tags, you could theoretically see something like how much you’ve spent on groceries at Target in the past 90 days. That’s pretty cool.

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