CountAbout Reviewed by TopTenReviews

Published January 14, 2017

TopTenReviews reviewed CountAbout. Here is what they had to say:

CountAbout is one of just four browser-based programs featured in our personal finance software review. It offers two service tiers: Basic and Premium, and each comes with an annual subscription fee. Both tiers include all features, but the Basic tier requires you to manually import your transactions, while the Premium tier allows you to connect to your accounts and then automatically downloads your transactions to this financial management software. Quicken Starter and Banktree have costs that are comparable to the Premium plan.

The Premium tier can connect to more than 12,500 financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, credit cards and brokerages. It can also import your data from Quicken and Mint. CountAbout offers mobile companion apps for both Android and iOS-based phones and tablets and gives you the option of protecting your account data using two-step authentication.

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