CountAbout vs. Mint


May 18, 2021

Marriage Kids and Money just reviewed CountAbout and compared it to Mint, another popular personal finance software. Here is what they had to say:

What is CountAbout?

CountAbout is an internet-based budgeting tool. It can import data directly from Quicken, Mint, or your financial institution. It seamlessly integrates with over 12,000 banks to log transactions automatically.

And automatic importing is a key factor in tracking your spending.

With CountAbout, you can set up and customize your budget, categorize transactions, and even run reports. It also provides visual representations of your spending, so you can tell quickly where you’re overspending or where you need to make changes.

What is Mint?

Mint is an online personal finance tool. It’s great for setting up a budget, setting goals, and getting an overall look at your financial situation in one place.

Mint connects to your financial accounts to automatically track and categorize your spending. Every time you log into Mint, you get a real-time view of your overall financial situation.

Like CountAbout, Mint provides infographics and reports, so you have a bird’s eye view of your financial information.

Features You’ll Find with CountAbout and Mint

When you compare CountAbout vs Mint, you’ll see that both programs have many things in common. That’s because they’re two of the best personal finance apps designed to help you create and use a budget. Here are the common features they both have:

  • Automatically import transactions: CountAbout and Mint link to your bank, credit card, and other financial accounts to import deposits, withdrawals, and expenses automatically.
  • Customizable expense categories: CountAbout and Mint have preloaded expense categories, but you can also customize them to fit your specific budgeting needs. (Although with CountAbout you can modify or delete preset categories, and Mint, that’s not the case).
  • Create and track your budget: Create a custom budget and track your spending to make it easier to stick to your goals.
  • Accessible on multiple devices: CountAbout and Mint are internet-based, and you can access them by app or on the web.
  • Investment tracking: CountAbout and Mint both also track your investments to help you reach your financial goals.

Features You Only Get with CountAbout

  • Import directly from Mint and Quicken
  • FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) tools
  • No advertisements
  • Robust reporting options both in traditional format and picture/graph options
  • Account reconciliation similar to how you’d check and balance a checkbook
  • Invoicing option to bill clients for your side hustle or small business

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