Play Louder Reviews Personal Bookkeeping Software


January 10, 2021 reviewed their top 5 personal bookkeeping software options, including CountAbout. Here is what they had to say:


CountAbout is an easy-to-use online personal finance application. With no software to install, it is anywhere you have an Internet connection. Their platform is stable, secure, and totally private. It might be a good alternative to Quicken if you want a software that is cloud-based.

This is the only web-based personal bookkeeping software that imports data from Quicken and Mint. It also includes an app and widgets to compare monthly spending.

Another key distinction is that CountAbout is a completely advertising-free experience. Of course, to make that possible, there is an annual subscription cost.

If you have been frustrated with Quicken, you may want to try CountAbout. One reviewer called it “Quicken without the glitches.”


  • CountAbout can import Mint and Quicken data into its own software.
  • Provides excellent transaction tracking.
  • Includes customizable categories and tags.
  • Supplies its users with good recurring transaction options.

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