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TheStreet, Nov 26, 2018

Why use a budget app to help break down – and then build up – your personal finances?

Why not?

Personal finance mobile apps are a handy, easy, and effective way to improve your budgeting skills at the flick of a fingertip, and without an Excel spreadsheet or yellow legal pad in sight.

You want to track your spending in real time? A mobile phone budgeting app can do that.

You want to get a better grip on personal debt, and create a plan to pay that debt down? Guess what – a budgeting app can do that, too.

You want to save for a specific life event, like a wedding. Boom – there you go.

With mobile app technology improving by leaps and bounds, mobile budgeting apps have spread their wings and have helped hundreds of millions of user spread their financial wings and learn to fly right, from a personal budget point of view.

Make no mistake, personal financial phone apps are becoming more pervasive in 2018. According to, 63% of smartphone users have at least one financial app on the device, and the app data tracking site App Annie estimated approximately 200 billion personal financial app sessions globally across iOS and Android alone, in 2017.

With all that activity in the mobile budgeting app world, anyone who cares about cares about their personal financial situation, but aren’t using budget apps, should ask themselves this question: can 200 billion personal financial app sessions be wrong?

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