CountAbout introduces a 45 day free trial


CountAbout recently increased the duration of their free trial from 15 days to 45 days.

What is CountAbout

CountAbout is a web based app that can help you set a budget and track your spending. CountAbout is completely customizable and allows you to get a handle on your expenses in just a few minutes.

With CountAbout you can:

Securely link accounts

automatically.Create a custom budget

Track your net worth

Attach receipts

Send invoices.

How does CountAbout work?

Categorizing purchases

CountAbout allows you to link banking, investment, and credit card accounts securely through their financial aggregators. When you log in to CountAbout, your transactions and balances will automatically update.

After CountAbout updates the transactions and balances, you will be presented a list of transactions to review and categorize. Is that $38.26 trip to Target a groceries or clothing? With CountAbout, you are able to categorize each purchase however you would like to. You can also split transactions in case your Target trip had groceries and home goods.

Transaction register
CountAbout automatically loads your transactions. You can then assign them to custom categories that you choose.


Finished categorizing your recent purchases? CountAbout’s dashboard will allow you to easily view how you are performing with respect to your finance goals.

On the left side of the screen you can check all of your account balances. Your net worth will be listed at the top-left corner of the screen.

The remainder of the screen is filled with “widgets”. Widgets are graphs or charts that you can create to track a specific category or categories. Want to see how much money is left in your grocery budget? A widget will let you see that at a glance.

Example of a spending widget
Widgets help you instantly see how much money is left in your budget.

One unique CountAbout widget is the FIRE widget. FIRE stands for financial independence/retire early. This widget allows you to visualize how close you are to early retirement by comparing your expenses and projected retirement income from your assets.

Screenshot of CountAbout's FIRE widget
The FIRE widget plots the potential passive income from investments against your spending.


With CountAbout you can easily create a monthly budget. If you have been tracking expenses prior to setting a budget, CountAbout will automatically populate your monthly spending across the category for the year.

How to set up a budget in CountAbout
You can easily create a budget by clicking the “use history” button.

You can then create widgets that will show you your monthly spending for each category compared against the budget.

What are some of CountAbout’s features?

Import data from Quicken or Mint:

Security and privacy:

Countabout does not store store users’ financial institution usernames, passwords, or other login credentials.

How does CountAbout’s 45 day free trial work?

You can start CountAbout’s 45 day trial from signing-up on the homepage. You do not need to enter a credit card for the free trial. Once you sign-up you can begin linking banks and analyzing transactions.

How does the 45 day free trial compare to CountAbout’s competitors

CountAbout’s 45 day free trial is the longest of any personal finance software. Here is how the 45 day free trial compares to some notable competitors.