CountAbout reviewed by Money Talk with Tiff


December 5th, 2021

CountAbout was reviewed by Money Talk with Tiff. Here is what she had to say:

How do I create a business budget?

Once I gained access to the system, it had a welcome message and took me through a quick tutorial. As with all technology, it took some additional clicking around to learn the full functionality, and they also have a knowledge base available if you get stuck. If you plan on importing data from Quicken or Mint, they suggest you do that first. I didn’t do that for this tutorial/review. After getting familiar, I went straight to the “Budgets” tab at the top.

Once there, I clicked on Add Budget.

It prompted me to input what year the budget was for and give it a name. Now, before you start clicking around as I did, DO NOT CLICK ACTIVE if this is not the budget you want to use right now. I learned that once you click it, it is permanent. So, luckily in “My Account,” they have a reset button that you can use if you make a mistake early on. It completely resets your account to brand new. I thought this was a great feature and used it a couple of times to figure out the system. It also has a cool safeguard that emails you to confirm you want to reset, so you don’t have to worry about hitting it on accident and losing all of your data.

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