5-Star Review: Widgets to Compare Monthly Spending in Active Categories


Thanks for the terrific feedback Ashley! We’re glad you’re enjoying CountAbout’s customization features.

Huzzah! I can add widgets now and already made one to compare my monthly  spending in my active categories to my budget. Excellent. That tool is one of my favorite features in a personal finance product.

Thank you again. I’m glad that the issue was a bug that could be fixed and not something that’d keep me from making the switch to your product. I am impressed with the speed and attention of your customer support and appreciate the swift response and fix to the issue.

My experience with your competitor’s customer support has been frustrating to say the least; they had not responded in a month as to why they would not link my new primary account with a major bank. I checked in again and they told me that they still had no update or answer.

So applause on a job well done. I will continue with my trial but intend to join the premium version so that I can utilize the transaction downloads. Feel free to pass this review along to whoever collects these types of responses.


Ashley McAlarney