8 Mint.com Alternatives – Money Apps Fresher than Mint dot com


When Mint first arrived on the scene, it was a revelation.

Here’s a free service that would aggregate all of your credit card spending and take away one of the biggest time sucks in responsible money management. In one fell swoop, you had yourself a budget just by linking up your financial accounts.

Sure, there were initial hiccups. Categorization was a pain, the tools around managing your budget were raw, but eventually Mint grew itself from a disruptor of Quicken to a full fledged competitor. So much so that Intuit would buy Mint in 2009 for $170 million, shut down Quicken Online, and sell Quicken to another company.

It’s been nearly eleven years since Mint’s launch in March 2006. In that time a lot has changed. A new crop of startups, Mint alternatives if you will, built on fresh new technology and an eye to disrupt the once-disruptor.

If you’re looking to move on, you might find your next favorite from this list!


CountAbout was built to solve the headaches of Quicken users and was founded in July of 2012. It is one of the few personal finance apps that can import data from Quicken and mint, which makes transition to this app much less painful if you’re a data junkie. Unlike Mint, it’s not free but the price point is very affordable – $9.99 per year for the Basic product and $39.99 per year for the Premium (the main difference is that Premium supports automatic downloading of transactions, Basic does not).

What do you think of these alternatives?

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