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Author: Robert McMillen In this world full of insecurities, every individual, household, and company prefers to be on the safe side and guarantee themselves with insurance. Life insurance has become not only fundamental but also a compulsory part of our life as different questions pop up in our minds like: “Are we ready to recompense Read more »
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Author: Luke Fitzpatrick, Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer Oftentimes in our lives, things don’t exactly go to plan. And when the going gets tough, they can very quickly derail our personal finances. Preparation is the best way to avoid freaking out and deciding to increase your line of credit, as that’ll only lead to racking up Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 63

Sweet, Sweet, Debt Debt is usually a dirty word in personal finance. (It’s definitely a four-letter word no matter how you mutter it.) Any finance website will have numerous articles with personal success stories from someone who has paid off 6-figures of debt. It’s not just finance. Discussions about student debt and the national debt Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 62

Playing Financial Sabermetrics Is A Perilous Game Are you familiar with the concept of sabermetrics? The word grew from Society for American Baseball Research- SABR or “saber”. This society collects a wealth of data on every baseball play, player, and tactical situation. Sabermetrics originally referred to an intense study of baseball performance using high level Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 61

The Only Year-End Financial Checklist You’ll Need to Come Out On Top in 2022 Happy New Year! New Year celebrations are a time for reflection and introspection about how the past year went and what you want the next year to bring. Many of these reflections deal with money. Nearly half of New Year’s resolutions Read more »
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Author: Mandy Sleight, Bankrate Car insurance: what you need to know An auto insurance policy may not be easy to understand, especially if you are a new driver or just getting your own policy. There are various terms to know and understand, different coverage levels to consider and other things to look out for when Read more »