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Monday Night Finance- Volume 60

What Is Financial Independence? A 9-Step Guide to Financial Freedom- Wallet Hacks Perhaps you have heard of the FIRE movement. I’m sure you’ve seen a headline shouting about a 30 year old who worked in tech and now plans to live off of $10k/year by eating food he pulls out of the garbage. But is Read more »
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December 5th, 2021 CountAbout was reviewed by Money Talk with Tiff. Here is what she had to say: How do I create a business budget? Once I gained access to the system, it had a welcome message and took me through a quick tutorial. As with all technology, it took some additional clicking around to Read more »
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CountAbout recently increased the duration of their free trial from 15 days to 45 days. What is CountAbout CountAbout is a web based app that can help you set a budget and track your spending. CountAbout is completely customizable and allows you to get a handle on your expenses in just a few minutes. With Read more »
November 29th, 2021 CountAbout was reviewed by Here is what they had to say: What Is CountAbout? CountAbout is a personal finance application that helps you to take control of your money. It is cloud based, meaning there is no software to install, which gives you access to your budget anywhere you have an Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 59

Does Inflation Matter If You’re Frugal- GovernmentWorkerFI If you’ve watched the news this past month, you’ve probably seen some headlines about inflation. Prices are skyrocketing. Over the past year, the consumer price index (CPI) rose by 6.2% over the previous year. As a result, inflation is the highest it has been in over 30 years. Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 58

15 Mint Alternatives for 2021 Have you been a long time user of Mint to track your spending and net worth? Perhaps you are frustrated with the user experience and wanted to try something different. In 2021 there are many different budgeting apps to choose from. If you want to try a different budgeting app Read more »