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Monday Night Finance- Volume 9

Welcome to Monday Night Finance- a roundup of our favorite recent personal finance articles. 15 Cable TV Alternatives You Should Consider With coronavirus causing many businesses to shut down, many people are looking for ways to save money. Cable TV is a monthly expense that can easily be cancelled to save money. However, while cable Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 8

Welcome to another week of Monday Night Finance, the best roundup of personal finance articles published regularly on Monday nights! Check out these three great recent articles. 17 Smart Money Tips for Uncertain Times March 2020 was one of the most tumultuous months in recent American history. At the beginning of the month there was Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 7

Welcome to another week of Monday Night Finance where we highlight recent personal finance articles. 11 Things I Did To Stop Wasting Money With talk of coronavirus everywhere, a lot of people are focusing on trimming their expenses. I think we all have good intentions when it comes to spending less and saving more. However, Read more »

Monday Night Finance- Volume 6

In the immortal words of Hank Williams Jr. “All my rowdy friends are here for Monday night (finance).” No professional sports? No problem! Here are three great personal finance articles to read to help cheer you up. The Long-Term Coronavirus Effect on the Economy It’s hard to consume any media lately without being bombarded by Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 5

Lack of professional sports getting you down? We’ve got you covered at Monday Night Finance. We highlight recent personal finance articles to help you through the rest of the week. FIRE and the Ridiculous Strategy of Pinching Pennies In this article, Shelley from Beyond Pennies contrasts two different strategies for obtaining financial independence and early Read more »
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Monday Night Finance- Volume 4

Never Enjoy Anything Ever by Partners in FIRE Have you read any personal finance articles lately that are geared towards debt repayment? Many personal finance articles focus on shaming those in debt for their spending choices. Melanie, from Partners in FIRE specifically speaks to this in her recent article, sarcastically entitled “Never Enjoy Anything Ever”. Read more »