CountAbout Review- The College Investor


April 7, 2021

The College Investor just reviewed CountAbout. Here is what they had to say:

What Do They Offer?

CountAbout is a web-based, affordable budgeting app. You don’t have to worry about ads. CountAbout is able to run the app without ads because there isn’t a free version, although you do get a free 15-day trial.

After creating an account and logging in, you’ll be presented with the transactions tab. You can set up accounts from here. Transactions can be edited and tags can be added or changed.

CountAbout will also analyze your spending and display it in an easy-to-understand graph. CountAbout lets you “memorize” transactions, which is another way of analyzing spending habits.

Import from Quicken or

Like most people using budget software, if you are currently using Quicken or, you can import transactions from both apps, allowing you to start from the same place in CountAbout. This also lets you continue using your current budgeting app while you try out CountAbout.

Sync All of Your Accounts

Entering every credit card, checking, retirement, and savings account transaction into your budgeting software can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Throw in the occasional mismatched balance, and it can be enough to make you want to throw in the towel on budgeting.

Like most budgeting apps, CountAbout eliminates manual entry of transactions by letting you sync all of your accounts to CountAbout. To protect your data and logins, CountAbout uses a service called MX.

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