Money Q and A Names CountAbout “Best Personal Finance Tracking Software”


Money Q and A reviewed CountAbout and named CountAbout the “best personal finance tracking software. Here is what they had to say:

Best Personal Finance Tracking Software

CountAbout is useful precisely because of the comprehensive nature of its cloud-based software program. It not only imports your data from external resources like Quicken and Mint, but it also syncs with your financial institutions (banks, credit unions, investment firms) and automatically downloads your transactions so you never have to wonder where your money currently is (or is going).

CountAbout also offers fully customized budgeting options (income and spending categories, tags), the ability to upload receipts and invoices as attachments, and recurring transaction notices to help you keep track of every detail, due date, and payment deadlines.

If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner, then CountAbout also has you covered with nifty features like invoicing, financial reports, and budgetary analyses. If you’re making multiple transactions per day or dealing with an irregular income, then CountAbout will help you oversee your running balances and pending transactions to avoid overdraft fees.

Is CountAbout Worth It?

If you’ve always wanted to take more of a hands-off approach to financial management in order to free up more time for working on things you genuinely enjoy, then CountAbout might be just what you need to expedite the less exciting aspects of adulting. Even the Premium subscription with all of the bells and whistles costs less than $4/month (less than the price of a venti specialty coffee) – is that worth the convenience and peace of mind you get from knowing your personal finances are optimally managed in a highly secure, cloud-based software program?

With more and more aspects of our lives becoming more efficient through advanced technologies and automation, why not add personal financial management to the list of tasks you were able to streamline with the help of algorithms? You’ll still need to be mindful of your own spending and saving habits of course, but there’s no reason why you should resign yourself to manually managing your finances when there are much faster (and affordable) options like CountAbout out there.

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