CountAbout reviewed by MoneyUnder30


From, August 6th, 2020:

How does CountAbout work?

To give you an accurate picture of this brand and its product, I went through the entire software, from signup through implementation. The beauty of CountAbout is that it really is as simple as it claims to be.

There are no downloads to worry about. There’s nothing to install, connect, or configure. You can use CountAbout anywhere there’s an internet connection, and it’s totally secure and private 24/7.

I signed up for the free account (took about five seconds) and was given access to all of the features, just like CountAbout said I would be. So far, so good.

So, what exactly does CountAbout do?

Simply put, the software allows you to import files from your bank and other financial institutions, so you can carefully craft a cohesive budget for your personal or business use.

Whether you are trying to run a business or learning to save money for smarter financing, this is a pretty handy tool to have in your belt.

CountAbout connects to a broad spectrum of over 12,500 financial institutions to keep every one of your financial records synced at all times.

That includes banks, credit cards, brokerages, accounting software (like Quicken and Mint), and more.

And since it’s all web-based, you never have to worry about outages, information getting lost, or other common issues that arise from more connected solutions. ~Money Under 30

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