Help Your College Grad Become an Investor


Charles Schwab, April 17, 2018

Finding the right gift for a college graduate can be tough. It’s nearly impossible to pick out the latest gadget—let alone the latest fashions—and just cash may strike you as too impersonal. So what can you give a young person, just starting out, that would be useful and meaningful?

Consider opening up the world of investing. Data shows that young people typically don’t invest right away—only 18% of adults between 18 and 25 hold any stock at all, according to a Bankrate survey.¹ Many young people find the idea of investing intimidating or figure they’ll wait until they have more money to put away. That’s a shame, because they often miss out on one of the most powerful drivers of return: time in the market. Compounding can have a substantial impact on the value of money, and the earlier your college grad starts, the greater the potential benefit.

How can you help a young person start down the path to a lifetime of saving? Consider the following gift ideas:

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