Monday Night Finance- Volume 37

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Best investment strategies during a pandemic

The novel coronavirus has completely upended the world economy. In a matter of weeks, everyone was using online video conference software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. (Now people are even talking about how to throw the best Zoomsgiving on November 26th). At the same time, other industries were completely battered. No one wants to sit shoulder to shoulder with a stranger for 4 hours on an airplane. And many businesses have cancelled conferences and meetings further reducing the demand for travel. If you have money to invest, it can be a tricky time. You may be asking yourself will Zoom reign supreme forever or whether people will ever want to go to a major conference again.

There is a lot of uncertainty about when the pandemic will end, which companies will survive, which companies will grow during a pandemic, how governments will support the market, among so many other factors. With these three simple strategies, it is possible to invest during a pandemic confidently. ~Compounding Works

In this article, Compounding Works give their three top tips for investing during the pandemic. The first suggestion they provide is using dollar cost averaging. In this technique, you buy shares of the same stock on a regular basis. In this way, you are able to build a position in a stock over time and smooth out some of the peaks and valleys if the stock price is fluctuating wildly. They also recommend being an informed investor. While it is always important to know what you’re investing and why you think it’s a good investment, this is especially important during the pandemic when things are changing rapidly. The article has a great toolkit for how you can be an informed investor. Finally, they recommend diversifying your portfolio. Diversification, like information, is always important during investing. However, you may wish to be even further diversified during the pandemic when entire industries are at stake.

5 Types of Work From Home Jobs For Moms and Dads

In this article, Gwen, from Invisible Moms provides a guest post about how to find jobs you can do at home if you’re a stay-at-home parent. Gwen is a mother of two children. She also runs a business out of her house. While this may sound like a wonderful, bucolic, ideal, many of us have had to work at home with kids during the pandemic. And I think many of us who have experienced that for the first time have realized that it’s harder than it sounds. However, it does provide some rewarding experiences as well. If you’ve been temporarily working at home during the pandemic and want to do it permanently afterward, this article has great tips for you.

Despite what others may think or say, being a stay-at-home parent is no easy task. ~More Money Tips

The number one way to make money from home with kids is to be a freelancer. Freelancing allows you to set your own hours and take on the projects that you want to do. Another benefit is that, depending on your clients, you can ramp up the number of projects you take on while the kids are in school and dial back over the summer months. If you like the security of having a traditional, W2 job, you can try to find jobs that are geared towards working at home. The article provides several links to websites that are geared towards helping people find employment that can be done remotely. On the other end of the extreme is starting your own business from scratch. Finally you may wish you take on seasonal employment out of the house or look into side-gigs.

13 Spooky Ways to Make Money Before Halloween

No matter how much money you make, it seems like there’s always a need for extra money around the holidays. Recently, Halloween has marked the start of the holiday shopping season. Perhaps you’re looking for some creative ways to earn extra money this October. If so, this article is just for you.

The Halloween season is a great time to start preparing for the expensive December holidays. Rather than going into debt up to your eyeballs, consider one of the following 13 ways to make scary cash on Halloween. ~Early Morning Money

In this article, Amy, from Early Morning Money, gives 13 ways to earn money this Halloween. While Halloween might be scary, these ways to earn money are anything but scary. In fact, most of her suggestions for Halloween side gigs sound very fun. Who wouldn’t want to work as part of a haunted house? What about making and selling Halloween costumes or re-selling old costumes you don’t need anymore. This article was a refreshing look at how to turn a holiday from something you spend money on into something you make money on!