Monday Night Finance- Volume 48

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15 Proven Under the Table Jobs That Pay Cash

What would you do if you had a financial emergency and needed to come up with some extra cash. If you’re like 40% of Americans, you wouldn’t have $400 in the bank to cover the emergency. In that case, you’d either need to put the bill on credit (if you have access to credit) or earn the extra money quickly. If you’re looking for quick ways to earn cash, this article is for you.

So what are under the table jobs? These jobs are usually cash-paying that are not reported to the government. While they have a negative connotation, you can choose to report these on your taxes.

“Under the table” jobs are jobs that pay you cash after you complete a task. While these types of jobs have a negative connotation of avoiding taxes, you should track under the table compensation and report it on your taxes. (Have problems tracking income and sending invoices? Check out CountAbout.) The first part of the article presents different ways to find under the table job. The two biggest places where ordinary people look to hire help are Craigslist or Facebook. You should check booth as some cities may have more postings on one site rather than the other. What kind of jobs can you do that will pay you cash right away? The top one that comes to my mind is a handyman. If you don’t have job experience in the trades or can demonstrate those skills, you might try babysitting. Babysitters are paid in cash and are almost always in demand. Not thrilled by either of those options? The article has 13 other great idaes.

10 Best Quicken Alternatives: Our Top Picks for 2021

Club Thrifty reviewed 10 alternatives to Quicken for 2021 in this article. CountAbout was developed to specifically cater to frustrated Quicken users. As such, it is the only budgeting software that allows you to import data from Quicken or Mint. Here is what Club Thrifty had to say about CountAbout in their review.

Why We Love CountAbout as a Quicken Replacement: Like most of these programs, you can use CountAbout to create a fully customizable budget. Then, simply sync it to your bank account to automatically import your transactions and track your spending. Pretty sweet right? But, that’s not all it does.

With CountAbout, you can also run financial reports at any time throughout the year. The program also offers invoicing capability for small business owners as well as the ability to attach receipts. So, it is a pretty powerful alternative to Quicken and can replace much of the old program’s functionality – even beyond budgeting.

CountAbout offers two membership options: basic for $9.99 a year or premium for $39.99 a year. The only difference between the two is that the basic membership does not support syncing with online bank accounts. That means if you opt for the basic membership, your transactions will not be automatically downloaded. Your options are to enter transactions manually or import QIF files from your bank if they make those available..

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why I work for ME in my free time

Are you a company man? Perhaps you’re the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave at night. Do you feel that your employer values you? If you have a stellar year are you compensated appropriately? What if you gave your heart and soul to your company for years only to be let go when the economy hit a rough patch? This article is a case study of one such man who examined his career after leaving a job where he felt he wasn’t compensated appropriately.

From the company perspective, it would be wonderful if all employees chose to dedicate their free time to the company itself all the time. However, from the employees’ perspective, that’s not fair and it’s unlikely that companies will reward proportionally all these dedicated people.

One reason people are so devoted to their jobs is that they “love their job”. It’s true that paid work can give people a sense of purpose and add meaning to life. However, your day job does not need to be your only source of meaning in this world. In fact, if it is your focus in life, what happens if it is suddenly taken away from you or you need to walk away? Having hobbies can be another source of meaning for your life. And if you can combine your hobby into a side business that produces income, you can start working a job you love for a boss you love (yourself). Looking for ways to start your own side hustle? The post is full of great ideas.