Monday Night Finance- Volume 93

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Running Out of Life

We all know the first rule of retirement planning: accumulate as much wealth as possible. We are constantly bombarded with facts about how many Americans couldn’t afford to deal with a small emergency expense, let alone retire. The message is clear. Save money. But what happens if you’re actually good at saving money? What if you did everything right and are now sitting on a healthy nest egg? Are you automatically happy? Unfortunately, most people ignore planning for the most difficult question: the challenges that arise when you’ve successfully saved, but are faced with the dilemma of how to spend meaningfully, ensuring genuine happiness and fulfillment. If you’ve ever wondered about the balance between wealth and well-being, or pondered the unpredictable nature of life’s trajectory, this piece may offer you insights that go beyond the conventional wisdom of financial planning.

As we get older, we generally acquire more money as we run out of life. At some point, you may find that you have more money than life.

~Lazy Man & Money

In this article, Lazy Man & Money reflects on how hard it is to actually spend money to maximize happiness. Even if you have a lot of money!! He muses on the realization that as we age, we tend to amass more wealth while our time becomes limited, potentially leading to a situation where we have more money than life left. On top of that, the unpredictable nature of life (we don’t know when we will die) further complicates financial independence and retirement planning. Using personal experiences, such as the sudden demise of a personal trainer acquaintance and his wife’s unexpected decision to prolong her career, the author emphasizes the unpredictability of life’s trajectory. While financial planning is crucial, the piece also delves into the challenge of spending money in ways that genuinely enhance happiness, drawing attention to the difficulty of balancing experience-based spending with practical needs. The article serves as a reminder that even with financial security, finding ways to maximize joy and create lasting memories remains an intricate puzzle.

Taylor Swift’s Royalties From Re-Recordings Are Bigger Than The Whole Sky

This summer belongs to Taylor Swift. I can’t listen to the radio for 10 minutes without hearing “Cruel Summer” from her album released 4 years ago. And everyone on social media is posting pictures and videos of themselves at her Era’s tour. It’s clear that everyone loves Taylor. But has she been able to turn that love into financial gains? If you’re curious about the empire she’s built from her talent and the savvy moves she’s made in the music industry, especially in light of her recent controversies, dive into this article by the Wealth of Geeks. You might be stunned at just how well she’s played her cards!

All three re-recorded albums accumulated a streaming total of 6,872,886,786 plays, and Swift counts $8,557,187 a month in royalties from those albums alone. Each album debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, with each song from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) gracing the 100s.

~Wealth of Geeks

Ever wondered how Taylor Swift turned a feud with her former manager into a gold mine? After her public spat with Scooter Braun, Taylor decided to re-record some of her iconic albums, and guess what? She’s raking in over $8.5 million a month just from streaming royalties! While the fight with Scooter must have been painful, it appears that at least Taylor is cashing in. Her reimagined versions of “Speak Now”, “Red”, and “Fearless” have amassed a whopping 6.9 billion streams in total. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, each of these albums shot straight to the top of the Billboard 200 chart upon release. If you’re a Swifty, you’ll definitely want to check out the article. With Taylor’s current net worth of $740 million, the article speculates whether Taylor will be the first female artist to reach the billionaire club.

Escape High Rent Prices in These 10 Most Affordable US Cities To Live In

Many workers are using geographic arbitrage to stretch their earnings. By relocating to areas where the cost of living is significantly lower, they’re able to make their dollar go further, enjoying the same or even better quality of life. But where exactly should one consider moving to get the most bang for their buck in the U.S.? The answer might surprise you, and understanding these hidden gems can open up a world of financial flexibility and opportunity. If you’re curious about which cities offer the most affordable living, the following summary of a recent article by The Frugal Expat, based on a study by, offers some insights you won’t want to miss.

In 2023, due to soaring inflation, the cost of living in the US skyrocketed. Everything prices rose, including food, petrol, and homes. Rising costs have prompted many Americans to reevaluate how they live and, most importantly, where they reside.

~The Frugal Expat

This article by The Frugal Expat summarized a recent study by that analyzed data from 100 major US metro areas to uncover the most affordable cities to live in during 2023. The research, driven by economic and housing data, revealed that prospective homebuyers can find attractive deals in cities like Hartford, Connecticut, and El Paso, Texas. Topping the list is Fort Wayne, Indiana, which boasts a cost of living at just 20.32% of the average household income. Harlingen, Texas, impressively has the lowest cost of living among cities with metro regions of 50,000 residents. Cities such as Oklahoma City, Beaumont, Texas, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, also made the list due to their relative affordability in housing costs. The study serves as a valuable guide for individuals looking to optimize their living expenses.