Best Quicken Alternatives: For When You’re Tired of Sync and Support Issues


At its peak, Quicken was the most popular and most powerful personal finance management product available. Intuit, now better known as the creator of TurboTax, was built on the back of Quicken.

The reality is that Quicken isn’t what it used to be. The reality of innovating on a platform first established in 1983 is rearing its head. While it has been re-written and re-built, it’s faced all sorts of technical issues over the years and its standing has eroded.

Intuit tried to compete with fresher online competitors like Mint with Quicken Online. It was released with a subscription fee, later dropped, but that was eventually shuttered in 2010 after Intuit acquired Mint for $170 million. In 2016, Intuit sold Quicken to private equity firm H.I.G. Capital.

If you’re tired of Quicken and want to find a suitable alternative or replacement, we have some options. Here are some of the best Quicken alternatives available: Read full article>>