New withholding
As you may know, Congress passed some major tax legislation at the end of last year. Actually, it turns out that 26 percent of Americans don’t know this, and about half haven’t heard that income-tax brackets are changing. #personalfinance Read more »
Discussion on how to screw over future generations
How the Republican's bankrupted America. #personalfinance Read more »
Freak Out!
Many consumers could benefit from some simple changes in their behavior and finances. #personalfinance Read more »
Financial literacy
Most states take a scattershot approach to teaching personal finance concepts to high school students #personalfinance Read more »
So for you on-time folks, take note, the IRS says the official start of the 2018 tax season is Jan. 29. But if you’re a procrastinator, you have until two extra days to file. Returns aren’t due until April 17. #personalfinance Read more »
Just stop doing these five financial things and you'll have more savings, smarter spending habits and a secure identity in the next year. #personalfinance Read more »