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At its peak, Quicken was the most popular and most powerful personal finance management product available. But the reality is, Quicken isn’t what it used to be. If you’re tired of Quicken and want to find a suitable alternative or replacement, we have some options. @quicken,#personalfinance Read more »
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The Zelle app is built atop a bank-owned payments network that connects the country’s five biggest banks — and others — including Chase, Citi and Bank of America. Users of Zelle are expected to be able to send money via their phones to recipients who will gain access to the funds immediately. @zelle, @venmo, #personalfinance Read more »
If you’re struggling to pay off debt, you’re not alone. The average household with credit card debt owes $16,061, according to a recent report by NerdWallet. And while there are many strategies to eliminate debt for good, one method proves most effective: Prioritizing accounts with smaller balances, rather than those with higher interest rates, also Read more »
Money gives you options, and it's good to have options. Had I worked with a financial planner, I likely would have saved a bit more early on. #financialplanning, #personalfinance Read more »
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