Advice on timing deductions, avoiding wash sales and keeping rental income tax free. #personalfinance, #taxplanning Read more »
Inertia? Impulsivity? New smartphone apps can turn such vices into virtues...The young and the poor used to have to pinch their pennies for years to scrounge up enough money to invest. Now, thanks to the smartphone, their pennies are enough. #wealthcreation, #personalfinance Read more »
In August 2016, Intuit listed Quicken for sale. If you are a Quicken user, it is time to start looking at your transition options. We're pleased to be considered at top 6 Quicken alternative by AdvisoryHQ, and encourage you to read their article as they have highlighted some of the considerations for selection and ranking. @quicken, #personalfinance Read more »
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This year, Top Ten Reviews spent more than 100 hours evaluating 20 programs to find the top 10 Mac Personal Finance Software applications. CountAbout ranked in the top 10. Read the article here. Read more »

What Are the Best Finance Apps?

Credit Sesame has created a terrific review article about the best finance apps out there. We're honored to be included. Here's what they had to say.... Read more »
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As the new year approaches, it’s a good time to conduct a year-end review of your finances. If you’re already using Quicken or Mint to keep tabs on your dollars and cents, there’s a new app that’s hoping to replace them. Read the full review here... Read more »