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Quicken alternatives that’ll make managing your finances so much easier. @quicken,#personalfinancesoftware Read more »
Distracted travelers are more vulnerable to card fraud and identity theft. #personalfinance Read more »
After nearly a decade of back and forth between the financial industry and consumer advocates, the Department of Labor is rolling out the first phase of the so-called fiduciary rule, which requires financial advisers to act in your best interests. #personalfinance Read more »
In 2012, Joe Carpenter, a registered CPA, and Alex Wong, an independent software consultant, were looking for an online personal finance software that was richly functional, easy to use, and private. They couldn't find one, so they created CountAbout, and the industry is noticing. #personalfinancesoftware Read more »
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When you create a CountAbout account, we provide you with a default list of Categories. CountAbout supports complete customization of your category list. You can add, edit or delete any category. Additionally, you may create as many parent/child levels as you like. #personalfinancesoftware Read more »
At its peak, Quicken was the most popular and most powerful personal finance management product available. But the reality is, Quicken isn’t what it used to be. If you’re tired of Quicken and want to find a suitable alternative or replacement, we have some options. @quicken,#personalfinance Read more »
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