Money gives you options, and it's good to have options. Had I worked with a financial planner, I likely would have saved a bit more early on. #financialplanning, #personalfinance Read more »
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Another 5-Star review highlighting CountAbout's widget and customization features. Thanks Ashley! Read more »

Investor Junkie reviews CountAbout

Investor Junkie reviews CountAbout personal finance software in light of Quicken sale. @investorjunkie, @quicken, #personalfinancesoftware Read more »
It’s been nearly eleven years since Mint’s launch in March 2006. In that time a lot has changed. A new crop of startups, Mint alternatives if you will, built on fresh new technology and an eye to disrupt the once-disruptor. If you’re looking to move on, you might find your next favorite from this list! Read more »