CountAbout reviewed by Yodlee


September 16, 2016

CountAbout was reviewed by the financial aggregator Yodlee. Here is what they had to say

The difference between CountAbout and other personal finance apps is that others merely offer a snapshot of registers of transactions and report bank balances. They fall short in terms of double entry capability. Additionally, CountAbout compares your bank balance to the balance you have listed, and reconciles any differences. This provides a more accurate and comprehensive of a user’s personal finances. More importantly, switching to CountAbout doesn’t sacrifice a user’s financial history as we import data from Quicken or Mint. In addition, we’re able to help you with budgeting and managing bills. We can not only provide you with rich data, like your bank balance, but also can show you information on next payment due dates for your loans, as well as your balance on credit cards. Users have complete control over their transactions. They review and approve all transactions that have been downloaded. Nothing can be entered into CountAbout without the user verifying it, including automatic payments and pre-scheduled deductions. CountAbout memorizes every transaction. If you categorize Starbucks as “Coffee”, the system will automatically categorize it that way in the future, which saves time. Your approval is the only piece that is not automated. But after a week or two, most of the categories are established, and your entry work is dramatically reduced. Our team at CountAbout has been able to aggregate data from over 16,000 financial data sources and provide a holistic view of our customer’s financial situation, thanks to our partnership with Envestnet® | Yodlee®. We signed up for their new QuickStart package after Intuit discontinued their financial data APIs and the transition process has been seamless. The package was launched to help former Intuit clients by offering competitive pricing models and a RESTful API architecture, which speeds up integration and simplifies data access.

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