Monday Night Finance- Volume 42

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Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips

It’s Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season is fully upon us. Do you have a plan for your holiday shopping? What about a budget? Is the financial side of gift-giving stressing you out this year? Perhaps you are looking for ways to trim your spending. If that is the case, check out this article from Jo of More Money Tips. It is full of ways to reduce holiday spending this year.

Christmas is fast approaching. So how on earth are you going to make sure your budget doesn’t get blown off course even before Santa lands? ~More Money Tips

Jo’s first tip is to “go shopping” inside your house. Do you have brand-new clothes that have never been worn? Or perhaps an unopened CD or DVD. Think if any of these nice items might be appropriate to re-gift (potentially to a coworker in a Secret-Santa exchange). Or if you can’t gift them again, you could sell them online and use that money to buy presents. And don’t forget about homemade gifts. A selection of holiday baked goods or a homemade gift basket could be a meaningful and loved Christmas gift. After you’ve scoured the house for unwanted items and decided who you will make homemade gifts for, the next most important thing is to set a budget. (CountAbout can help you set up your budget). Furthermore, paying with cash can be another effective way to stick to a budget. For even more tips, check out the article.

9 Best Freelance Writing Jobs | Earn from Writing

The gig economy has grown over the past decade. Freelancers are in a high demand. Furthermore, the number of potential people looking to join the gig economy is growing as people look to set their own work hours and have location independence to work from anywhere. Freelancer Nomads is a website to help freelancers and people interested in location independence find the best freelancing jobs. In this article, they break down the 9 best jobs for freelance writers.

Fortunately for today’s freelance writers, finding good quality jobs shouldn’t take much effort. If you’re a great writer, the internet can be a splendid source of writing gigs where thousands of new jobs are posted every day. ~Freelancer Nomads

Freelance writers are in high demand. A skilled freelance writer can easily earn 6-figures a year.
But how do you build enough clients to reach that level? This article can help you get there. The first part of the article breaks down five different ways to find clients. While some are obvious (pitching to businesses), there are many great tips on how to attract clients with various web platforms. The article also does a great job of listing nine different types of writing you can target. While blogging is the most obvious, there are many types of content that freelance writers create. If you have the right background, you may be able to get into more lucrative freelance writing fields such as real estate or legal writing. The article then wraps up with an extensive frequently asked questions section to help you get started on the fast track to becoming a freelancer.

Understanding Money Means Understanding What’s Enough

Society conditions us to want more. Television shows condition us to dream about bigger houses, with giant kitchens and walk-in closets. The media idolize celebrities who live lavish lifestyles and have a lifestyle most people can’t even dream of. If someone were to ask you how much money you want (or need), I’m sure you’d probably say “more” without even thinking about it. But have you ever thought of how much money is “enough”? And what does the concept of enough even mean when there are infinite things to spend money on?

However, if you don’t have an answer then you’ll never know what’s enough. How do you know how much money you need if you don’t know how much you spend? How can you calculate your ideal investment growth if you don’t have a goal? Do you need a million dollars, or do you need more? Or even less, if you’ve got an optimal case? ~We Want Guac

In this article, Darcy of WeWantGuac talks about the concept of “enough” and why it is important for you to determine how much is enough for you. Finding your “enough” is both an exercise in mindset and in planning. First you need to understand how much money you spend each month. (Tools like CountAbout are excellent in helping you understand how much you spend). Once you know how much you spend in a year, you will need about 25-30 times that amount of money saved to produce a permanent income stream to support your lifestyle. But in some ways, that answers the easy, mathematical side of things. Coming to an emotional reckoning with “enough” is a much more difficult topic and a major focus of this post.