Monday Night Finance- Volume 43

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Simple Tips for a Green Christmas

Christmas has become a major consumer event throughout the world. Not only do people purchase gifts for loved ones, but they decorate their houses with trees and lights. Furthermore, many people wrap their gifts with wrapping paper and many toys come in packaging. As a result, all of this Christmas joy can sometimes come with a little bit of an environmental hangover for Mother Earth. If you want to have a great Christmas but want to do so in a sustainable manner, check out this post.

If you’re overwhelmed or turned off by overly green tactics, don’t worry. I’m not into deprivation, being a scrooge or green shaming. You can still celebrate Christmas your way, and you’ll still make a big impact (even if you’re not 100% green). ~Chrissy at Eat, Sleep, Breathe FI

Chrissy from Eat, Sleep, Breathe FI runs through her top tips for having a “green” Christmas. The number one way to make your Christmas more sustainable is by reducing the number of gifts you purchase. This might not be an easy conversation to have with loved ones- so Chrissy gives you a script you can follow. While you may be able to reduce some of the gifts you give, I’m sure there will be some people you want to share presents with. In those cases, you can try to gift experiences (like taking your nieces to the movies) that won’t ultimately end up in the landfill. Chrissy also gives lots of great ideas for other eco-friendly gifts. Beyond gifts, you’ll want to make sure that you examine your holiday meals. Can you make a plan for leftovers so no food goes to waste? Are you eating sustainably? Finally, Chrissy lists ideas for sustainable gift wrapping and Christmas cards.

When Can I Retire? 4 Focus Areas To Help You

Who hasn’t dreamed of walking up to their boss and telling them, “I quit!” after a tough day at work. If you’re ready for retirement, you could enact that scenario whenever you want. However, how do you know if you have enough money to retire? And is money the only thing you need to worry about? Do you have an emotional plan for exiting the workforce? If you’re thinking about removing yourself from the rat race but aren’t sure if you’re ready or not this post is for you.

Although you want to run away from your job towards retirement, the answer to when can you retire should also be based on what you want to do in retirement. Ideally, it would be best to have a good idea of the list of activities or projects you want to tackle in retirement. ~Financial Freedom Countdown

Financial Freedom Countdown lists four areas in your life that you need to prepare for to retire. The first is obvious- are you financially ready to retire? The article goes into great detail about how to calculate how much money you will need in retirement. But money is only part of the equation. Are you emotionally ready to retire? Retirement will mean potentially losing your identity if you have worked at your job for a long time. You may also lose the built in social-network of visiting with coworkers every day. Planning to fill these social and emotional voids are just as important as filling your financial gap. Your retirement The final focus area, “retirement activities” is the plan for how to fill these voids in your life.

BlockFi Visa Credit Card gives bitcoin rewards

Do you have a rewards credit card? Rewards cards can be a valuable way to earn extra money or travel rewards– especially if you pay your balance off in full each month. If you are in the habit of not carrying a balance on your credit card, then credit card rewards are literally free money (if your card does not have an annual fee). There are lots of different types of reward credit cards. Some are linked to miles at specific airlines, points at certain hotels, or cash back. Other rewards cards are more flexible and allow you to redeem your award many different ways to maximize your reward.

Would you like to earn bitcoin each time you make a purchase with a credit card? Then you should sign up to BlockFi and get on the waiting list for the first-ever crypto rewards credit card. ~Compounding.Works

In this article Compounding.Works introduce us to a new type of reward credit card that will be launched soon. This card, the BlockFi Visa Card will give you 1.5% of your purchase price back in a BitCoin wallet. BitCoin has gained over 160% in value in the past year; making these rewards potentially quite a big more valuable than a cash-back reward. The card will have a $200 annual fee. For more details about how to join the waiting list for this credit card, check out the article.